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Isospin effects on sub-threshold kaon production at intermediate energies

  • Ferini, G.
  • Gaitanos, T.
  • Colonna, M.
  • Di Toro, M.
  • Wolter, H. H.
Published Article
Publication Date
Jul 05, 2006
Submission Date
Jul 05, 2006
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.97.202301
arXiv ID: nucl-th/0607005
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We show that in collisions with neutron rich heavy ions at energies around the production threshold K^0 and K^+ yields might probe the isospin dependent part of the nuclearEquation of State (EoS) at high baryon densities. In particular we suggest the K^0/K^+ ratio as a promising observable. Results obtained in a fully covariant relativistic transport approach are presented for central Au+Au collisions in the beam energy range 0.8-1.8~AGeV. The focus is put on the EoS influence which goes beyond the "collision-cascade" picture. The isovector part of the in-medium interaction affects the kaon multiplicities via two mechanisms: i) a "symmetry potential" effect, i.e. a larger neutron repulsion in n-rich systems (isospin fractionation); ii) a "threshold" effect, due to the change in the self-energies of the particles involved in inelastic processes. Genuine relativistic contributions are revealed, that could allow to directly ``measure'' the Lorentz structure of the effective isovector interaction.

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