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IRISA at TRECVid2016: Crossmodality, Multimodality and Monomodality for Video Hyperlinking

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  • [Info.Info-Sd] Computer Science [Cs]/Sound [Cs.Sd]
  • [Info.Info-Ts] Computer Science [Cs]/Signal And Image Processing
  • [Info.Info-Tt] Computer Science [Cs]/Document And Text Processing
  • [Info.Info-Cv] Computer Science [Cs]/Computer Vision And Pattern Recognition [Cs.Cv]
  • [Info.Info-Lg] Computer Science [Cs]/Machine Learning [Cs.Lg]
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This paper presents the runs that were submitted to the TRECVid Challenge 2016 for the Video Hyperlinking task. The task aims at proposing a set of video segments, called targets, to complement a query video segment defined as anchor. The 2016 edition of the task encouraged participants to use multiple modalities. In this context, we chose to submit four runs in order to assess the pros and cons of using two modalities instead of a single one and how crossmodality differs from multimodality in terms of relevance. The crossmodal run performed best and obtained the best precision at rank 5 among participants.

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