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Investigation on Mysterious Long-Term Orbit Drift at NSLS-II

  • Hidaka, Yoshiteru
  • Cheng, Weixing
  • Doom, Lewis
  • Fliller, Raymond
  • Ganetis, George
  • Gosman, John
  • Hetzel, Charles
  • Hubbard, Rodger
  • Padrazo Jr, Danny
  • Podobedov, Boris
  • Rose, James
  • Shaftan, Timur
  • Sharma, Sushil
  • Smaluk, Victor
  • Tanabe, Toshiya
  • Tian, Yuke
  • Wang, Guimei
  • Yu, Chenghao
Publication Date
Jun 24, 2019
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Over a few months in 2018, we observed occasional episodes of relatively quick accumulation of correction strengths for the fast correctors (used by the fast orbit feedback) near Cell 4 (C04) region at NSLS-II Storage Ring. We immediately started investigating the problem, but the cause remained unclear. However, after coming back from the Fall shutdown, we experienced even faster drifts, at a rate of as much as 10 urad per day in terms of orbit kick angle accumulation. The risk of damage on the ring vacuum chambers by the continuing orbit drift without explanation eventually forced us to take emergency study shifts and temporarily lock out the C04 IVU beamline. After extensive investigation by many subsystem experts in Accelerator Division, ruling out many suspicious sources one by one, we were finally able to conclude the cause to be the localized ground motion induced by large temperature jumps of the utility tunnel right underneath the C04 straight section. We report the details of this incident.

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