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Investigation of Heat Transfer Efficiency of Improved Intermig Impellers in a Stirred Tank Equipped with Vertical Tubes

  • Wang, Leizhi1
  • Zhou, Yongjun2
  • Chen, Zhaobo1
  • 1 Harbin Institute of Technology, China , (China)
  • 2 Nanjing Tech University, 211800 , (China)
Published Article
International Journal of Chemical Reactor Engineering
De Gruyter
Publication Date
Mar 18, 2020
DOI: 10.1515/ijcre-2019-0196
De Gruyter


The heat transfer of a reactor with improved Intermig impellers was numerically investigated by the finite element method (FEM) simulation software Fluent (V.19). A turbulence model utilized the standard k-ε model, and the turbulent flows in two large vortexes between vertical tubes were collided to form a strong convection. The influence of heat and mass transfer developing from the impeller diameters, the distance between the two impellers (C1), the rotational speed and the installation height of the bottom impeller (C2) were studied. The reactor was equipped with special structure vertical tubes to increase the heat exchange areas. The rate of heat transfer, including criteria such as the convective heat transfer coefficient, the Nusselt number of outside vertical tubes, and the temperature boundary layer thickness, assured the accurate control of the heat exchange mixing state. The experimental testing platform was designed to validate the simulated results, which revealed the influence order of related factors. The Nusselt number Nu was affected by various related factors, resulting in the rotation and diameter of impellers extending far beyond the distance between the two impellers (C1) and the installation height of the impeller (C2). The average temperature boundary layer thicknesses of the symmetrical and middle sections were 3.24 mm and 3.48 mm, respectively. Adjusting the appropriate parameters can accurately control the heat exchange process in such a reactor, and the conclusions provide a significant reference for engineering applications.

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