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An Investigation into the "Explicitation" Feature in the Chinese-English Journalistic Translation: A Corpus-based Translation Study

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[[abstract]]This study adopts the Corpus-based Translation Studies (CTS) approach to investigate whether or not the explicitation feature exists in the Chinese-English journalistic translation We also probe the impact of this feature on native English speakers by conducting a survey Explicitation in this study is referred to as the tendency to add or use more conjunctions transitional words and the optional cohesive marker “that” in order to clarify the implicit logical information for the enhancement of the intelligibility and readability of the translation This corpus-based translation study uses the corpus-processing software Concordance 3 2 to search and process translation data Three analytical areas for search are composed of the optional “that” in the sentence structure “V + that-clause” conjunctions and transitional words The concordance output that contains the searched words with contexts is used to calculate “explicitation” frequencies in Chinese-English translated texts Having retrieved data from a nearly 550 000-word comparable corpus of journalistic texts which consists of a 278 489-word subcorpus of original (non-translated) English newspaper articles and a 270 306-word subcorpus of Chinese-English translated newspaper articles for investigation we found that the subcorpus of translated English texts uses a higher rate of the cohesive marker “that” conjunctions and transitional words than the subcorpus of original English texts Thus a conclusion is reached that the explicitation feature indeed exists in Chinese-English journalistic translations as other corpus-based translation studies have found it Since Corpus-based Translation Studies (CTS) integrates both “quantitative” and “qualitative” researches we use Pym’s “Risk Management theory” to explain the hidden reason for the production of explicitation in the translated texts Furthermore this study has carried out a survey on 33 English native speakers and has found that the translated text with the explicitation feature has positive impacts on readers particularly on junior readers Examined from the perspective of Newmark’s Communicative Translation Principles the result of this survey fully meets with the requirement fro communicative translation

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