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Intracellular Virus-Specific Structures and RNAs in Oncornavirus-Producing Human Cells

  • A. G. Bukrinskaya
  • G. G. Miller
  • E. N. Lebedeva
  • V. M. Zhdanov
Publication Date
Feb 01, 1974


Two kinds of virus-specific structures were isolated from the cytoplasm of Detroit-6 and human amnion cells producing oncornavirus-like particles. These structures represented A particles with the diameter of 70 to 80 nm and aggregated strands of nucleocapsids with the diameter of 3 and 6 nm. The structures were separated from cellular contaminants by isopycnic banding in linear sucrose gradients and subsequently further purified by sedimentation in velocity sucrose gradients. Their sedimentation coefficient was 250 and 150S, respectively. Both structures contain 60, 45, and 35S RNA species, and 150S structures also contained 20S RNA. The 35 and 20S RNA from the 150S structure formed hybrids with DNA enzymatically synthesized on extracellular virions. The structures displayed endogeneous polymerase activity, DNA product of the reaction being predominantly associated with 60S RNA. No 70S RNA was found in the cell structures of various densities. Also, the virions purified from tissue culture fluid contained 70S RNA. These findings are consistent with those on extracellular maturation of oncornavirus RNA.

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