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Interfacial engineering of transition-metal sulfides heterostructures with built-in electric-field effects for enhanced oxygen evolution reaction

  • Ni, Shan
  • Qu, Hongnan
  • Xing, Huifang
  • Xu, Zihao
  • Zhu, Xiangyang
  • Yuan, Menglei
  • Rong, Meng
  • Wang, Li
  • Yu, Jiemiao
  • Li, Yanqing
  • Yang, Liangrong
  • Liu, Huizhou
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2022
Institutional Repository of Institute of Process Engineering, CAS (IPE-IR)
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Developing highly efficient, durable, and non-noble electrocatalysts for the sluggish anodic oxygen evolution reaction (OER) is the pivotal for meeting the practical demand in water splitting. However, the current transition-metal electrocatalysts still suffer from low activity and durability on account of poor interfacial reaction kinetics. In this work, a facile solid-state synthesis strategy is developed to construct transition-metal sulfides heterostructures (denoted as MS2/NiS2, M = Mo or W) for boosting OER electrocatalysis. As a result, MoS2/NiS2 and WS2/NiS2 show lower overpotentials of 300 mV and 320 mV to achieve the current density of 10, and smaller Tafel slopes of 60 mV.dec(-1) and 83 mV-dec(-1) in 1 mol.L-1 KOH, respectively, in comparison with the single MoS2, WS2, NiS2, as well as even the benchmark RuO2. The experiments reveal that the designed heterostructures have strong electronic interactions and spontaneously develop a built-in electric field at the heterointerface with uneven charge distribution based on the difference of band structures, which promote interfacial charge transfer, improve absorptivity of OH , and modulate the energy level more comparable to the OER. Thus, the designed transition-metal sulfides heterostructures exhibit a remarkably high electrocatalytic activity for OER. This study provides a simple strategy to manipulate the heterostructure interface via an energy level engineering method for OER and can be extended to fabricate other heterostructures for various energy-related applications. (C) 2021 The Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China, and Chemical Industry Press Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.

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