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Interface Resistance between FeCr Interconnects and La0.85Sr0.15Mn1.1O3

  • Mikkelsen, Lars
  • Neufeld, Kai
  • Hendriksen, Peter Vang
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2009
Online Research Database In Technology
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The long term oxidation behaviour and the electrical interface resistance between FeCr interconnects and La0,85Sr0,15Mn1,1O3 plates was studied by a DC four-point method in air at 750{degree sign}C for 10000 h. The tested FeCr alloys were: Crofer 22 APU, Sanergy HT, Plansee IT10, Plansee IT11, and Plansee IT14. The alloys were slurry sprayed with a dual layer coating consisting of an inner Co3O4 layer and an outer layer consisting of La0,85Sr0,15Mn1,1O3 with some Co3O4 added. The microstructure and composition of the oxide scales formed at the interfaces were investigated using SEM/EDX analysis. Low degradation rates of less than 1 mcm2/1000 h were measured on all interfaces. The microstructure analysis showed that a duplex Cr2O3-(Mn,Co,Cr)3O4 oxide scale with a thickness of 3-5 µm had evolved on the alloys.

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