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Interband and intraband photocurrent of self-assembled InAs/InAlAs/InP nanostructures

  • lei, w
  • chen, yh
  • xu, b
  • jin, p
  • zhao, c
  • lk, yu
  • wang, zg
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2005
Knowledge Repository of SEMI,CAS
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The interband and intraband photocurrent properties of InAs/InAlAs/InP nanostructures have been studied. The doping effect on the photoluminescence properties of the quantum dots and the anisotropy of the quantum wire interband photocurrent properties are presented and discussed. With the help of interband excitation, an intraband photocurrent signal of the InAs nanostructures is observed. With the increase of the interband excitation power, the intraband photocurrent signal first increases and then decreases, which can be explained by the variance of the ground state occupation of the InAs nanostructures and the change of the mobility and lifetime of the electrons. The temperature dependence of the intraband photocurrent signal of the InAs nanostructures is also investigated.

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