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Interactive video projections as augmented environments

  • Bongers, B
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Jan 01, 2012
UTS Institutional Repository
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ABSTRACT: The aim of the work presented in this paper is to investigate and demonstrate the potential for sensitive, physical and spatial interaction, bringing together the electronic and physical environments in an ecological approach. Through the research and design processes in the authorâs studio such electronic ecologies as spatial audiovisual environments are developed, in which the audience co-creates the final result through their body movements. An open design approach is applied, the audience participates in the development process at any stage. The paper presents a media framework to place interactivity and time-based material in a context. Several recent pieces are described, interactive video environments such as Trainflow and Facets, including a presentation of technical factors. The paper has a section on mapping and other design considerations, and audience feedback and experiences. The final section of this paper concludes with a discussion and reflection on the process and outcomes, and it presents future directions.

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