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Interactive scientific visualization. Algorithms and systems: Tutorial note 10

  • Frühauf, M.
  • Göbel, M.
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Jan 01, 1992
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Scientific Visualization is regarded as the enabling technology that demands integration of applications with Computer Graphics and Computer Vision. Scientific Visualization comprises methods to generate and display graphical representations of complex data sets which are from simulations or scientific experiments. A visualization system for scientific or technical purposes allows engineers and scientist to observe computations and to communicate visually representation of data is not known in advance, visualization systems must provide an highly interactive man-machine interface. Interface Scientific Visualization is the key to control growing amounts of data and to support human understanding of complex scientific processes. Visual analysis is supported by visualization systems. Up to now, no common understanding about the functionality and interactivity of such a visualization system is established. Obviously, the capabilities of visualization systems are beyond todays graphics stan dards like PHIGS/PEX or de facto standards like X11 or GL. The paper describes the requirements on algorithms for interactive data visualization. Methods of accelerating the visualization process for interactive applications are discussed. This includes algorithms for volume and for surface rendering as well as hybrid rendering techniques. Advanced input devices and interaction techniques are introduced and their usage in 3D-interaction is explained.

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