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Interaction between a sustainable water management strategy and Build Back Better: Sustainable drinking water management strategy for Grand Bahama Island

  • van der Hucht, Laura (author)
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Sep 27, 2023
TU Delft Repository
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This thesis examines the role of the concepts of “Build Back Better”, “Disaster Cycle”, and “Sustainability” in water management and the possibility of the interactions between these concepts when designing water management infrastructure. Especially in cases where the disaster cycle is relatively short: 10 to 15 years between disasters.<br/> The case study is on the island of Grand Bahama. The island of Grand Bahama depends on the freshwater groundwater lens for its drinking water. Flooding during hurricanes introduces saline water into that groundwater lens. It is therefore highly probable that the current drinking water production method will not be able to meet the demand in the future. An alternative drinking water supply system should therefore be examined.<br/> To investigate the interactions between the concepts, they are put into a conceptual design process, which uses the methodology “RenewIsland”, and used to set up some preliminary designs. Three Alternatives were made with the methodology “RenewIsland”. These Alternative designs were then subjected to a Multi-Criteria Analysis (MCA). <br/><br/> This thesis substantiates from the process that the interaction between the concepts is possible and that the inclusion of Build Back Better in the Water management decisions gives more possibilities to make balanced choices. <br/> A blueprint has been made for a method to analyze swiftly if an alternative is compatible with the different cycles and phases of a location regarding a disaster and normal circumstances. This thesis also states that the study has to be extended with more research to make it generally applicable. / Civil Engineering

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