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雲端網拍公佈欄系統與Android App整合應用 / An Integration Application of Cloud Auction Bulletin Board System with Android App

  • kuan-ting, lin
FirstTech Institutional Repository


[[abstract]]根據國外Flurry網站一項以美國為例的調查結果: 在2011年平均每人使用行動App的頻率已經高於使用瀏覽網頁的頻率(包含Facebook和Mobile device上的網頁瀏覽率),可見行動App的市占率與日俱增。另外雲端運算的應用程式,也越來越普及,例如Google就已經推出許多Software as a Service(SaaS)。雲端運算App與行動App勢必影響未來人們的生活與工作。行動App的好處,在於設計功能可更有彈性,也可與行動裝置既有的功能做結合,讓操作更方便。為了探討Android App與行動裝置既有的功能做結合的方便性,我們開發一個系統做為實例探討的對象。所探討的系統是一個建立在Google App Engine的雲端拍賣佈告欄系統,搭配專屬的Android App。拍賣佈告欄系統的買家功能包括購買商品和查詢訂單,賣家功能包括新增商品、查詢商品資料、修改商品資料、刪除商品資料、查詢訂單、修改訂單、刪除訂單、修改個人資料,Android App可以新增商品到雲端拍賣佈告欄,Android App的其它功能包括離線作業、即拍即上傳、Email通訊錄三種附加功能。本研究所完成的系統可以提供給已經擁有Google帳號的使用者,做為訊息公布系統。GAE使用物件導向資料庫,所以在設計資料模型時,和實體關聯圖(ERD)相比之下,較適合使用資料類別圖來表示。Android App的成功關鍵是讓使用者操作方便,所以使用者實際操作測試很重要。 / [[abstract]]According to the survey done by well-known website Flurry the frequency of using mobile App is higher than that of using web browser during 2011in United States The cloud computing applications are also becoming increasingly popular For example Google has launched many of Software as a Service(SaaS) Cloud computing App and mobile App will for sure affect people's lives and works in the future One of the benefits of mobile Apps is that it is more flexible in design The other is that it is easy for mobile App to incorporate with the functions built in mobile device In order to explore the convenience of the integration of an Android App and built-in functions of mobile device we developed a system for practical analysis We developed an auction bulletin board system based on Google App Engine with Android App as its user interface The features of auction buyers in the bulletin board system include the purchase of goods and checking orders Seller features include new merchandise checking product information modifying the product information removing the product information querying orders modifying orders deleting orders modifying personal information The App provides the functions: adding selling goods to the cloud auction bulletin board The system that we developed could provide the users who have Google accounts with the function of message bulletin board GAE uses the object-oriented data store so it is more suitable to use the data class diagram to design data model than Entity Relationship Diagram(ERD) In addition since mobile App is mainly to provide users with a friendly way to operate the designer should spend more time on the phase of user interface design especially the interactions between users and system

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