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Int5Gent : an integrated end-to-end system platform for verticals and data plane solutions beyond 5G

  • Klonidis, Dimitrios
  • Apostolopoulos, Dimitris
  • Katsikas, Georgios P.
  • Giannoulis, Giannis
  • Kanta, Konstantina
  • Tokas, Kostas
  • Xirofotos, Thanos
  • Munoz, Raul
  • Moscatelli, Francesca
  • Torfs, Guy
  • Vagionas, Christos
  • Larrabeiti Lopez, David
  • He, Zhongxia Simon
  • Sterle, Janez
  • Levi, Dotan
  • Lyberopoulos, George
  • Lopez Alvarez, Victor
  • Trouva, Eleni
  • Leiba, Yigal
  • Vilajosana, Xavier
  • And 2 more
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2021
Ghent University Institutional Archive
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Int5Gent targets the integration of innovative data plane technology building blocks under a flexible 5G network resource, slice and application orchestration framework, providing a complete 5G system platform for the validation of advance 5G services and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. The platform can act as the enabler for the transition beyond the current 5G networking capabilities allowing novel and state-ofthe-art data transport and edge processing solutions to be evaluated under a cutting-edge network orchestration framework, with intelligent service allocation and management capabilities. A sample of the envisioned technologies include: flexible multi-Radio Access Technology (multi-RAT) baseband signal processing, millimeter Wave (mmWave)technology solutions at 60GHz and 150GHz bands, hardware-based edge processor with Time Sensitive Networking (TSN), Graphical Processing Unit (GPU)processing capabilities, and elastic Software Defined Networking (SDN)-based photonic data transport. The integration of the technology blocks is performed as part of an overall architecture that promotes edge processing and is orchestrated by a Network Function Virtualization Orchestrator (NFVO) compatible framework with edge node extensions at the network layer and an overlay vertical services application orchestrator at the user plane layer.

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