Institutional development in national agricultural research systems : illustrative cases

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Institutional development in national agricultural research systems : illustrative cases

  • Guy Rocheteau


Madagascar : illustrative case study 4 MADAGASCAR Illu.strative Case Study IK A document prepwed for the memal Review Pane1 by Guy Rocheteau June 1991 Tiré à part d'un texte publié dans : "Institutional Development in National Agricultural Research Systems : Illustrative Cases". Warren Peterson (editor). ISNAR-June 1991 Fonds Documentarr’e OHSTOM Cote : (3 * 6?‘34 Ex : + MADAGASCAR ISNAR’s experience with Madagascar bas shown that a national capacity for planning is a desirable prerequisite for successfully designing and implementing an operative, effective research system. When the World Bank in 1988 requested a long-term plan for agricultural research as a condition for a loan to rebuild the system, Madagascar was able to respond with a plan of their own design in 3 months. It was a well designed long-term plan because the necessary information had been compiled and the fundamental issues had been identified. Of necessity, tbe process was participative; only by working with the national personnel in a fully cooperative and collaborative fashion were the knowledge and perspectives required for forward planning institutionalized in the sysrem. By 1989, counterparts in Madagascar had become capable, not only of meeting the planning needs of their system, but of assisting and advising the managers of other research systems on the issues of planning. B. Backgrounci Madagascar, with a per capita income of $210 and a population growth rate of 3%, is one of the poorest countries in the world. Debt service payments absorb 10% of the GDP and Will continue to be a heavy burden on the country’s development prospects. Since independence in 1962, Madagascar’s economy has followed a rocky road: modest growth until 1972 followed by a Sharp deterioration between 1980 and 1982. Until the mid-197O’s, Madagascar was a net exporter of rice, the principal food trop. In 1982, rice Mports stood at about 350.000 tons. The major experts are c

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