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Inquisitorialidade e seletividade das práticas policiais de administração de conflitos

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Repositório Institucional da Universidade de Brasília
  • Justiça Criminal
  • Direito Penal - Brasil
  • Conflito - Administração
  • Polícia Judiciária
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This work presents the result of an articulation between theoretical conceptions and practices about the hegemonic model of the Brazilian justice administration. Accordingly, we sought to demonstrate the differences between the sovereign myths of personal security and rights through criminal law and its institutions and the practical operation of punitive institutions in managing conflicts labeled as criminal. From the observation of the actual functioning of an important segment of the criminal justice system, which is the civilian judicial police, one can see that the process of conflict management in the police field is marked by an inquisitorial logic and selectiveness that, in most cases, disregards rights, interests and feelings, or gives support to interests from particularized criteria.

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