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Influence of Platelet Activation on Erythrocyte Deformability

  • Palinski, W
  • Torsellini, A
  • Doni, L
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Jan 01, 1983
eScholarship - University of California
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Erythrocyte deformability was demonstrated to be influenced by platelet activation. Deformability of erythrocytes suspended in autologous platelet poor plasma (PPP), obtained from platelet rich plasma (PRP), was significantly reduced when PRP had previously been incubated with a platelet activating substance (arachidonic acid, adrenaline or ADP). The possibility of a direct influence of the activating substance on erythrocyte deformability was examined and malondialdehyde formation was determined as an indicator of platelet activation. Erythrocyte deformability was not impaired when endoperoxide formation in platelets was blocked by an inhibitor of cyclooxigenase (acetylsalicylic acid). Plasma viscosity was not influenced by platelet activation as demonstrated by filtration and viscosimetry. Recent studies showed that prostacyclin (PGI2) increases erythrocyte deformability (1). The antagonistic action between prostacyclin released by vessel walls and products of platelet metabolism being well known, we discuss possible mechanisms of this effect and pathophysiological relevance of our results.

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