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The Inflaton as a MSSM Higgs and Open String Modulus Monodromy Inflation

  • Ibanez, Luis E.
  • Valenzuela, Irene
Publication Date
May 07, 2014
Submission Date
Apr 21, 2014
DOI: 10.1016/j.physletb.2014.07.020
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It has been recently pointed out that the polarization BICEP2 results are consistent with the identification of an inflaton mass m \simeq 10^{13} GeV with the SUSY breaking scale in an MSSM with a fine-tuned SM Higgs. This identification leads to a Higgs mass m_h \simeq 126 GeV, consistent with LHC measurements. Here we propose that this naturally suggests to identify the inflaton with the heavy MSSM Higgs system. The fact that the extrapolated Higgs coupling lambda_{SM}\simeq 0 at scales below the Planck scale suggests the Higgs degrees of freedom could be associated to a Wilson line or D-brane position modulus in string theory. The Higgs system then has a shift symmetry and an N=2 structure which guarantees that its potential has an approximate quadratic chaotic inflation form. These moduli in string compactifications, being compact, allow for a trans-Planckian inflaton field range analogous to a version of monodromy inflation.

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