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Induction and multi-sensitive end-product repression in two converging pathways degrading aromatic substances in Pseudomonas fluorescens.

  • Stevenson, I L
  • Mandelstam, J
Published Article
The Biochemical journal
Publication Date
Aug 01, 1965
PMID: 5837781


1. Control of enzyme formation has been examined in the pathways degrading mandelate and p-hydroxymandelate in Pseudomonas fluorescens. 2. The first three enzymes form a group which is common to both pathways and which is co-ordinately induced or repressed. The genes controlling these enzymes are assumed to form a ;regulon'. This group of enzymes is induced by mandelate or p-hydroxymandelate and repressed by benzoate and by p-hydroxybenzoate (the immediate end products resulting from the action of this group of enzymes). 3. Repression is independently exerted by end products of enzymes controlled by succeeding regulons, i.e. by catechol, by protocatechuate and finally by succinate and acetate. 4. The pattern is repeated further along the pathway, so that benzoate oxidase (controlled by the second regulon) is repressed by its immediate end product, catechol, and again by succinate and acetate. 5. Pyrocatechase, an enzyme controlled by the third regulon, is repressed by succinate and acetate. 6. There is a parallel system of multi-sensitive repression mechanisms controlling production of the enzymes that degrade the hydroxy compounds. Again, the enzymes of each regulon are repressed by the immediate end product of their action and by the end products of each succeeding group of enzymes. 7. Repressor activity appears to be exerted by compounds that are likely to occur as such in the external environment or that occur at points of convergence of the degradative pathways of the cell. 8. The net effect of this control system, involving both induction and end-product repression, appears to be that cells will not form inducible degradative enzymes if the end products are already being supplied from without or are being produced by degradation of some alternative source of carbon and energy.

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