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Incoherent multiple-scattering effects in the production of particles on nuclear targets

  • Trefil, J.S.
  • Von Hippel, F.
Publication Date
Jan 01, 1973
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.7.2000
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We discuss, using the Glauber multiple-scattering formalism, the magnitude of the contributions to particle production cross sections from nuclei at high energies which can be attributed to multiple-inelastic-scattering processes involving a number of nucleons. Of particular interest is the contribution of such processes to the production of particles with high spin or hypercharge, since the beam particle can be "promoted" to these final states as a result of a series of collisions, each involving only a relatively small change in its spin or hyperchange. When we compare these "promotional" production cross sections due to multiple scattering within a nucleus with estimates of the corresponding production cross sections due to multiple scattering within a single nucleon, however, we find that there is no overwhelming practical advantage in going to a nuclear target. The basic reason seems to be that the "thickness" of nuclear matter offered to a beam particle passing through the center of an individual nucleon is not so much smaller in units of mean free paths than that offered by a nucleus.

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