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In vitro transcription of herpes simplex virus ANG DNA by E-coli RNA polymerase.

  • G P Strauss
  • I B Maichle
  • R Schatten
  • H C Kaerner
Publication Date
Jun 01, 1977


HSV-1 ANG DNA and a defective genome of the same virus were transcribed with E. coli RNA polymerase under various salt conditions. The extent of transcription was assayed by hybridizing the cRNA to the Hind III, Hpa I and Hind II restriction fragments of the DNA templates using the blot technique of E. Southern. The transcripts proved to contain sequences homologous to all DNA fragments. A similar ratio of hybridized cRNA and the amount of fragment DNA was observed in all cases. The results suggest that both, the wt and the defective HSV ANG genome were completely transcribed.

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