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Improvement of secondary neutral mass spectrometry concerning the element quantification / Verbesserung der Elementquantifizierung mit Sekundaerneutralteilchenmassenspektrometrie

  • Sommer, M.
  • karlsruhe, forschungszentrum
Publication Date
Jan 01, 1996
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Depth-resolving elemental analysis is an important tool to determine the chemical inventory of solids in the environment. Due to interactions with the atmosphere, especially the surface regions of solids are structured in layers affecting considerably the interaction with the environment. The quantitative determination of the elements including their depth distribution can only be achieved by using surface analytical methods, because wet chemical methods destroy the spatial configuration of the elements. Another factor that significantly influences the selection of the most appropriate analysis method is the complexity of samples from the environment. For the analysis of such samples Plasma Secondary Neutral Mass Spectrometry (Plasma-SNMS) with a quadrupole mass separator is especially suitable, because it combines easy sample preparation, quick analysis, high sensitivity and good depth resolution with low costs. Due to the low number of the mainly atomic signals, even samples with a complex elemental structure can be analysed comparatively easy. To establish a SNMS depth profile, the elemental intensity during the continuous removal of material can be monitored and thus the elemental depth distribution be determined. The signal intensities are converted into elemental concentrations by using element specific detection factors, which moderately depend on the matrix, i.e. the local chemical environment of the element. Accordingly, if the elemental composition of a sample is not known, the range of matrix dependent detection factors, which usually vary between 30 and 40%, has to be represented by an average detection factor of a similar uncertainty. The aim of this work is to study this ''matrix effect'' with special regard to its reduction. (orig./SR) / SIGLE / Available from FIZ Karlsruhe / FIZ - Fachinformationszzentrum Karlsruhe / TIB - Technische Informationsbibliothek / DE / Germany

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