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Impact of MoS2 layer transfer on electrostatics of MoS2/SiO2 interface

  • Afanas'ev, VV; 2690;
  • Chiappe, D;
  • Perucchini, M;
  • Houssa, M; 31977;
  • Huyghebaert, C;
  • Radu, I;
  • Stesmans, A; 14266;
Publication Date
Feb 01, 2019
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Using internal photoemission of electrons from few-monolayer thin MoS2 films into SiO2 we found that the MoS2 layer transfer processing perturbs electroneutrality of the interface, leading to an increase of the electron barrier height by ≈0.5-1 eV as compared to the case of the same films synthesized directly on SiO2. This effect is associated with the formation of an interface dipole, tentatively ascribed to interaction of H2O molecules with the SiO2 surface resulting in the incorporation of silanol (SiOH) groups. This violation of the interface electroneutrality may account for additional electron scattering in ultrathin transferred films and threshold voltage instabilities. Post-transfer annealing in H2S is shown to reduce the transfer-induced interface degradation. / status: published

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