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An Imaging Survey for Extrasolar Planets around 45 Close, Young Stars with SDI at the VLT and MMT

  • Beth A, Biller
  • Laird M, Close
  • Elena, Masciadri
  • Eric Nielsen
  • Rainer, Lenzen
  • Wolfgang, Brandner
  • Donald, Mccarthy
  • Markus, Hartung
  • Stephan, Kellner
  • Eric, Mamajek
  • Thomas, Henning
  • Douglas, Miller
  • Matthew, Kenworthy
  • Craig, Kulesa
Published Article
arXiv preprint arXiv:0705.0066
Publication Date
Apr 30, 2007
SETI Institute


We present the results of a survey of 45 young (< 250 Myr), close (< 50 pc) stars with the Simultaneous Differential Imager (SDI) implemented at the VLT and the MMT for the direct detection of extrasolar planets. As part of the survey, we observed 54 objects total, of which 45 were close, young stars, 2 were somewhat more distant (< 150 pc), very young (< 10 Myr) stars, 3 were stars with known radial velocity planets, and 4 were older, very nearby (< 20 pc) solar analogues. Our SDI devices use a double Wollaston prism and a quad filter ...

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