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Ignition of DME and DME/CH<sub>4</sub> at High Pressure: Flow Reactor Experiments and Kinetic Modeling

  • Hashemi, Hamid
  • Christensen, Jakob Munkholt
  • Glarborg, Peter
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2015
Online Research Database In Technology
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The pyrolysis and oxidation of dimethyl ether (DME) and its mixtures with methane were investigated at high pressures (50 and 100 bar) and intermediate temperatures (450―900 K) in a laminar flow reactor. DME pyrolysis started at 825 K (at 50 bar). The onset of DME reaction was detected at 525―550 K (at 50 bar), independent of stoichiometry. The negative temperature coefficient (NTC) zone in the DME profile always included temperatures of 575―625 K. A profound promoting effect of DME addition on the ignition of methane was observed as the onse tof<br/>reaction was shifted to lower temperatures by 50―150 K (at 100 bar).

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