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Identification of three human type-II classic cadherins and frequent heterophilic interactions between different subclasses of type-II classic cadherins.

  • Y Shimoyama
  • G Tsujimoto
  • M Kitajima
  • M Natori
Publication Date
Jul 01, 2000


We identified three novel human type-II classic cadherins, cadherin-7, -9 and -10, by cDNA cloning and sequencing, and confirmed that they interact with catenins and function in cell-cell adhesion as do other classic cadherins. Cell-cell binding activities of the eight human type-II classic cadherins, including the three new molecules, were evaluated by long-term cell-aggregation experiments using mouse L fibroblast clones transfected with the individual cadherins. The experiments indicated that all the type-II cadherins appeared to possess similar binding strength, which was virtually equivalent to that of E-cadherin. We next examined the binding specificities of the type-II cadherins using the mixed cell-aggregation assay. Although all of the type-II cadherins exhibited binding specificities distinct from that of E-cadherin, heterophilic interactions ranging from incomplete to complete were frequently observed among them. The combinations of cadherin-6 and -9, cadherin-7 and -14, cadherin-8 and -11, and cadherin-9 and -10 interacted in a complete manner, and in particular cadherin-7 and -14, and cadherin-8 and -11 showed an indistinguishable binding specificity against other cadherin subclasses, at least in this assay system. Although these data were obtained from an in vitro study, they should be useful for understanding cadherin-mediated mechanisms of development, morphogenesis and cell-cell interactions in vivo.

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