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Hybrid Light-Emitting Diode Enhanced With Emissive Nanocrystals

  • Kopylov, Oleksii
  • Yvind, Kresten
  • Kardynal, Beata
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2014
Online Research Database In Technology
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This thesis investigates a new type of white light emitting hybrid diode, composed of a light emitting GaN/InGaN LED and a layer of semiconductor nanocrystals for color conversion. Unlike standard white LEDs, the device is configured to achieve high color conversion efficiency via non-radiative energy transfer from the primary LED to the nanocrystals.<br/><br/>LED structures with sub-10 nm separation the between quantum well and the surface and patterned standard bright LEDs are considered for the hybrid devices, which require close proximity of the nanocrystals to the quantum well. The development of the hybrid diode fabrication including process techniques for GaN LED and incorporation of the nanocrystals are presented with the emphasis on the differences with standard LED processing.<br/><br/>Results and analysis of optical and electrical characterization including photoluminescence (PL), micro-PL, time-resolved PL and electroluminescence (EL) together with current-voltage characteristics are presented to evaluate the device performance. A clear evidence of non-radiative energy transfer was seen in the carrier dynamics of both the LED and the nanocrystals when the quantum well – nanocrystals separation was less than 10nm. Analysis of the results shows that in order to achieve sufficient for the white LED color conversion, better surface passivation and nanocrystals with shorter exciton lifetimes and weaker Auger recombination and needed.

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