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How long does precipitation inhibit wind erosion in the Sahel ? [+ supporting information]

  • Bergametti, G.
  • Rajot, Jean-Louis
  • Pierre, C.
  • Bouet, Christel
  • Marticorena, B.
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2016
Horizon / Pleins textes
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Simultaneous measurements of saltation, wind speed, and rainfall performed in Niger before, during, and after 18 rain events are used to investigate how rain events affect wind erosion in the Sahel. The results show that the inhibition of saltation is rapid but progressive after the beginning of a rain event. The decrease of sand transport during the rain event is better linked to the time elapsed from the beginning of the rain event rather than to the cumulative rainfall. In the Sahel, after a rain event, less than 12 h is necessary to almost fully restore the sand transport potential. Our results suggest that assuming that no sand transport and dust emission occur during the 12 h following the end of a rain event could be a reasonable alternative to existing parameterizations of the influence of soil moisture on the wind erosion threshold, at least for the Sahelian conditions.

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