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How does the shape and surface energy of pores affect the adsorption of nanoconfined fluids?

  • Cardenas, H
  • Muller, E
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Aug 05, 2020
Spiral - Imperial College Digital Repository
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We report a systematic molecular simulation study of the behavior of Lennard‐Jones fluids inside nanopores of diverse shapes, focusing on the effect that the pore geometry and the local energetic environment have on the adsorption isotherms. Infinitely long pores with polygon (triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, decagon and circle) cross sections are considered. Three different pore sizes commensurate with the molecular diameters along with three different values of fluid‐solid energy interactions are chosen to perform Grand Canonical Monte Carlo simulations at a subcritical temperature. Overall, the effect of nanoconfinement on the adsorption of fluids is seen to be a delicate balance between the geometric packing restrictions imposed by the hard cores of the molecules and the surfaces, the excess adsorption induced by the presence (or absence) of energetically favored “hot spots” and the overall ratio of surface/bulk fluid volume present in the pore.

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