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Housing Cooperatives In Barcelona, Between The Commons And Social Production Of Habitat: A Step Towards Housing Communalization In Barcelona?

  • Miralles Buil, Diego
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Dec 01, 2020
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The cooperative housing model of cession of use (MCU) promoted by activist groups in Barcelona can be considered a means of reappropriation of housing and territory. In this article, we will examine how these groups were inspired by Latin American Social Production of Habitat (SPH) initiatives and the concept of the common to develop this model. This form of alternative housing led to a repositioning of Barcelona's housing actors and the elaboration of municipal policies considering housing as "common goods". However, many activist groups consider the common above all a praxis, breaking with the policies of the City Council and bringing the common closer to the notion of SPH. In this article, we will question the links between these two notions and their applications in Barcelona. We will examine how the use, sometimes decontextualized, of these concepts by some entities generates conflict and demonstrates an attempt to reappropriate these notions to support neoliberal values. Thus, we will see how some cooperative housing projects allow for the (re)politicization of the notions of common and SPH, outlining a form of housing communalization.

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