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Homologous and cross-reactive precipitins in anti-pneumococcal sera raised in mules.

  • P Z Allen
  • M Heidelberger
  • I A Rappaport
  • G M Ward
Publication Date
Jul 01, 1978


Serial bleedings were obtained from two mules during prolonged immunization, one with type XXV the other with type VIII pneumococcal vaccine. IgGa, IgGb, IgGc, IgB, IgG(T) and IgM present among purified Pn anti-XXV and Pn anti-VIII immunoglobulin isolated from various bleedings were identified by use of rabbit anti-equine heavy chain specific reagents. Radioimmunodiffusion with 14C-labelled type XXV pneumococcal capsular polysaccharide and horse and donkey reagents with species specificity directed against donkey or horse IgGa respectively, demonstrated both parental horse and donkey IgGa heavy chain isotypes among the anti-PnXXV antibodies of the interspecies hybrid. Qualtitative and quantitative examination of the cross-precipitation of mule anti-PnXXV sera with the capsular polysaccharides of pneumococcal types IV, X and XA, with birch sap, ketha gum, and with polysaccharides of E. coli, Klebsiella and Rhizobium was carried out and compared with data obtained with anti-PnXXV raised in a horse. Analysis of supernatants from the cross-reactions showed that distinct subfractions had reacted. indicating a marked heterogeneity of the antibodies.

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