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  • Sirerol Blé, Nicolás
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Nov 16, 2015
Universitat Politecnica De Valencia
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[EN] In this final degree work, I expose my works in relation to man machine concept, briefly analyzing the historical relationship that has emerged between man and machine, in its various aspects, such as prostheses or interaction between man and machine, and introducing the references that have influenced my artistic discourse, whether plastic, conceptual or literary level . First, I analyze the impact of advances in technology, and this in turn has increased the man machine relationship. On the one hand with objects that help us everyday. Moreover, the emergence of new materials such as carbon fiber, aluminum and other lightweight materials such as plastic, have helped to build new prosthesis models lighter and more effectiveIn the second part, I present the leaders who have spoken in my work, from a broader scope, such as Futurism and Surrealism as two important artistic movements, and other more concrete in the literary field as Philip K. Dick and in the artistic part conceptual and plastics references. In the third part, I show my own works made around the theme man machine. Different sculptures perform various procedures such as radial woodcarving, the positive in a mold with epoxy resin or the different ways of working iron cold. From these points starts the speech of my works, in relation to man machine concept. At what point we stop being human ?. This enquiri has always been questioned from the point of fiction, but today the quiri has come to the realm of reality. / [ES] En este trabajo de final de grado , expongo mis obras en relación al concepto hombre máquina, analizando de forma breve la relación histórica que ha surgido entre el hombre y la máquina, en sus diferentes vertientes, como pueden ser las prótesis o la interacción del hombre con la máquina, y presentando los referentes que han influido en mi discurso artístico, ya sea a nivel plástico, conceptual o literario. / Sirerol Blé, N. (2015). HOMBRE, TIEMPO, MÁQUINA.

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