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Hollow Multi-Shelled Structure with Metal-Organic-Framework-Derived Coatings for Enhanced Lithium Storage

  • Zhang, Jian
  • Wan, Jiawei
  • Wang, Jiangyan
  • Ren, Hao
  • Yu, Ranbo
  • Gu, Lin
  • Liu, Yunling
  • Feng, Shouhua
  • Wang, Dan
Publication Date
Apr 08, 2019
Institutional Repository of Institute of Process Engineering, CAS (IPE-IR)
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<p>Herein, we present heterogeneous hollow multi-shelled structures (HoMSs) prepared by exploiting the properties of the metal-organic framework (MOFs) casing. Through accurately controlling the transformation of MOF layer into different heterogeneous casings, we can precisely design HoMSs of SnO2@Fe2O3(MOF) and SnO2@FeOx-C(MOF), which not only retain properties of the original SnO2-HoMSs, but also structural information from the MOFs. Tested as anode materials in LIB's SnO2@Fe2O3 (MOF)-HoMSs demonstrate superior lithium-storage capacity and cycling stability to the original SnO2-HoMSs, which can be attributed to the topological features from the MOF casing. Making a sharp contrast to the electrodes of SnO2@Fe2O3 (particle)-HoMSs fabricated by hydrothermal method, the capacity retention after 100 cycles for the SnO2@Fe2O3 (MOF)-HoMSs is about eight times higher than that of the SnO2@Fe2O3 (particle)-HoMS.</p>

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