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Histochemical type I fibres in the soleus of the rat.

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Based on oxidative enzyme activity levels, fibres exhibiting moderate and high levels may be identified in the soleus of the rat. Fibres showing moderate activity are classified as Type I fibres, while those showing high activity may belong to Type I or Type II. According to the level of ATPase activity in fixed sections, we can distinguish three types of fibres in the soleus of the rat (IA, IB and II) and, by application of acid pre-incubation, also sub-classes of Type II (IIA and IIC). Type IB fibres possess high oxidative and glycolytic enzyme activities, moderate ATPase activity after fixation, and behave in the same way as Type I fibres after alkaline and acid pre-incubation. For the histochemical classificationof fibre types, we should consider not only reactions to ATPase, and after acid pre-incubation, but also reactions to the enzymes of oxidative and glycolytic metabolism.

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