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A história da criação do papo jovem: um projeto de educação sexual integrado ao currículo de uma escola de ensino fundamental e médio

  • Bueno, Rita Cassia Pereira
Publication Date
Jan 15, 2018
Repositório Institucional UNESP
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To overcome the school walls, to defeat the preconception among members of the pedagogical team, to emphasize the importance and the necessity of discussing the theme in order to put sex education on the agenda in the schools in Brazil has not been an easy task for educators and professionals involved with interventions in the field of sexuality. The process of exclusion of the Sexual Orientation Guiding Axis of the Brazilian National Curricular Parameters (NCPs) and the discriminatory view that limits the action of teachers in the discussion of sexuality, gender and homophobia inside the schools made since the 2000´s, are now been seen as a mistake, a threat to the moral values and the psychological integrity of the students and a kind of harm to the healthy development of children and adolescents. However, swimming against the tide of the intensified conservative roles that began in 2015, a medium-sized private school in the country side of São Paulo state has created, with the support of the school board, the “Papo Jovem Project” - translated as “Young Talk Project”. The present study shows the implementation of the “Papo Jovem” on the pedagogical political project of the school, the achievements and the challenges of maintaining the project alive through a chronological sequence, from its creation until the present time, presenting the main events and the activities that contributed to the rise of the project. The “Papo Jovem” program offered a weekly learning and discussion space to students, addressing different dimensions of human sexuality within a playful, pedagogical and emancipatory context. The project was aimed to students from the fifth year of elementary school through the third year of high school. Themes like Puberty, Love, Relationships, Sexual Violence, Gender, Sexual Diversity, Pregnancy and Abortion among others were discussed with the students. By analysing the gesture and attitudes of the adolescents in the midst of challenging situations, was possible to observe that the project contributed to the sexual empowerment among the students, allowing them to feel more confident about their own attitudes and decisions, questioning some arbitrary visions of the women´s and adolescents rights and violence. The study of sexuality, coming from a trustable source and done by trained professionals can contribute to make a save passage through the adolescence period with more security, tranquility and serenity to the adolescents, as was observed with “Papo Jovem” project participants.

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