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High-Level Expression of Single-Chain Fv-Fc Fusion Protein in Serum and Egg White of Genetically Manipulated Chickens by Using a Retroviral Vector

  • Masamichi Kamihira
  • Ken-ichiro Ono
  • Kazuhisa Esaka
  • Ken-ichi Nishijima
  • Ryoko Kigaku
  • Hiroyuki Komatsu
  • Takashi Yamashita
  • Kenji Kyogoku
  • Shinji Iijima
American Society for Microbiology
Publication Date
Sep 01, 2005
  • Biology


We report here the generation of transgenic chickens using a retroviral vector for the production of recombinant proteins. It was found that the transgene expression was suppressed when a Moloney murine leukemia virus-based retroviral vector was injected into chicken embryos at the blastodermal stage. When a concentrated viral solution was injected into the heart of developing embryos after 50 to 60 h of incubation, transgene expression was observed throughout the embryo, including the gonads. For practical production, a retroviral vector encoding an expression cassette of antiprion single-chain Fv fused with the Fc region of human immunoglobulin G1 (scFv-Fc) was injected into chicken embryos. The birds that hatched stably produced scFv-Fc in their serum and eggs at high levels (∼5.6 mg/ml). We obtained transgenic progeny from a transgenic chicken generated with this procedure. The transgene was stably integrated into the chromosomes of transgenic progeny. The transgenic progeny also expressed scFv-Fc in the serum and eggs.

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