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Het experiment van het komende koninkrijk. Een dominicaanse politieke theologie na Agamben. / The Experiment of the Coming Kingdom. A Dominican Political Theology after Agamben

  • Steenvoorde, Richard; 127455;
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Jan 27, 2023
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My project seeks to develop a theological critique of the political aspects of religious life through a reading of the political theology of Giorgio Agamben. I will confront his thought with Dominican political theologies, specifically those of Henri-Dominique Lacordaire OP, Marie-Dominique Chenu OP, and Herbert McCabe OP. This project consists of four parts. First, I would like to examine Agamben's understanding of the political aspects of religious life. Secondly, I will look at the importance of the religious life in the political theologies developed by the Dominican theologians mentioned above. Thirdly, I will reflect on how Agamben's philosophy of religious life could contribute to contemporary Dominican political theology. Finally, I will explore how Dominican political theology can be developed further, in theory and in practice, after being confronted with Agamben's political theology of religious life. / status: published

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