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The handbook for standardised field and laboratory measurements in terrestrial climate-change experiments and observational studies

  • Halbritter, AH
  • De Boeck, HJ
  • Eycott, AE
  • Reinsch, S
  • Robinson, DA
  • Vicca, S
  • Berauer, B
  • Christiansen, CT
  • Estiarte, M
  • Grünzweig, JM
  • Gya, R
  • Larsen, KS
  • Leblans, N
  • Lebron, I
  • Lehmann, MM
  • Lembrechts, JJ
  • Lenz, A
  • Linstädter, A
  • Llusià, J
  • Macias-Fauria, M
  • And 94 more
Publication Date
Oct 28, 2019
Spiral - Imperial College Digital Repository


Climate change is a worldwide threat to biodiversity and ecosystem structure, functioning, and services. To understand the underlying drivers and mechanisms, and to predict the consequences for nature and people, we urgently need better understanding of the direction and magnitude of climate‐change impacts across the soil–plant–atmosphere continuum. An increasing number of climate‐change studies is creating new opportunities for meaningful and high‐quality generalisations and improved process understanding. However, significant challenges exist related to data availability and/or compatibility across studies, compromising opportunities for data re‐use, synthesis, and upscaling. Many of these challenges relate to a lack of an established “best practice” for measuring key impacts and responses. This restrains our current understanding of complex processes and mechanisms in terrestrial ecosystems related to climate change.

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