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Hamiltonian Oracles

  • Mochon, Carlos
Published Article
Publication Date
Apr 14, 2007
Submission Date
Feb 02, 2006
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.75.042313
arXiv ID: quant-ph/0602032
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Hamiltonian oracles are the continuum limit of the standard unitary quantum oracles. In this limit, the problem of finding the optimal query algorithm can be mapped into the problem of finding shortest paths on a manifold. The study of these shortest paths leads to lower bounds of the original unitary oracle problem. A number of example Hamiltonian oracles are studied in this paper, including oracle interrogation and the problem of computing the XOR of the hidden bits. Both of these problems are related to the study of geodesics on spheres with non-round metrics. For the case of two hidden bits a complete description of the geodesics is given. For n hidden bits a simple lower bound is proven that shows the problems require a query time proportional to n, even in the continuum limit. Finally, the problem of continuous Grover search is reexamined leading to a modest improvement to the protocol of Farhi and Gutmann.


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