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Growth of services and changes of the economic systems: the tertiarization process Essay on the Portuguese economy / Crescimento dos servicos e mutacao dos sistemas economicos: o processo de terciarizacao Ensaio sobre a economia Portuguesa

  • Bairrada, Mario Nunes Gomes
Publication Date
Jan 01, 1989
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The goal of the thesis consists in the analysis of the articulation of the growth of the service sector with the current changes in the economic systems. The hypothesis which was our point of departure challenged traditional analyses of services that based themselves either on the positive or on the negative character of the growth of the services. In this hypothesis, the main factor was centred on the qualitative side. In this way in the first part (chapter I and II) we tried to interpret the contributions of the several currents of economic thought about the services and their growth, widening that interpretation into the field of sociology. One of the main results we got put into evidence the subordination to the industrialist concept of Economics, not individualizing services as an economic object with characteristics that differentiates it from goods. Therefore, in chapter III, we presented a concept of service recurring to the systemic analysis and we deduced the implications in what the measure is concerned, in particular, the productivity. On the basis of the concept of services and on the articulation between the changes in technological and socio-economic fields, we built in chapter IV the concept of tertiarization process, which means the growing appeal for services from economic systems as a response to new production and consumption conditions that may be observed both at macro and microeconomic levels. Finally in chapter V, we began a first approach of services in the Portuguese economy, through the analysis of the production of services inside the industrial system itself (industrialization rate) and the supply of services (mode of valorization) from the "business services" sector having concluded that the organizational structures of the Portuguese industrial firms are relatively stable. It is desired that the analysis made, which used the Personnel Tables (Quadros do Pessoal) of the Labour Ministry as its main source, might have originated a new research area for Portuguese economists / Available from Fundacao para a Ciencia e a Tecnologia, Servico de Informacao e Documentacao, Av. D. Carlos I, 126, 1200 Lisboa / FCT - Fundação para o Ciência e a Tecnologia / SIGLE / PT / Portugal

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