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GRB030406 an extremely hard burst outside of the INTEGRAL field of view

  • Marcinkowski, R.
  • Denis, M.
  • Bulik, T.
  • Goldoni, P.
  • Laurent, Philippe
  • Rau, A.
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2006
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Using the IBIS Compton mode, the INTEGRAL satellite is able to detect and localize bright and hard GRBs, which happen outside of the nominal INTEGRAL telescopes field of view. We have developed a method of analyzing such INTEGRAL data to obtain the burst location and spectra. We present the results for the case of GRB030406. The burst is localized with the Compton events, and the location is consistent with the previous Interplanetary Network position. A spectral analysis is possible with the detailed modeling of the detector response for such a far off-axis source with the offset of 36.9 $^\circ$. The average spectrum of the burst is extremely hard: the photon index above 400 \kev is -1.7, with no evidence of a break up to 1.1 \mev at 90% confidence level.


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