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Gravitational focusing of cosmic neutrinos by the solar interior

  • Demkov, Yu.N.
  • Puchkov, A.M.
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2000
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.61.083001
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The Sun is transparent for cosmic neutrinos with an energy less than 80 GeV. The interior part of the Sun forms for this radiation a high-quality gravitational lens with the focal distance F=24 AU (astronomical units)—the distance between the Uranus and Neptune orbit radii. The factors distorting the focusing are estimated. Among them are the spherical aberration, astigmatism caused by the rotation of the Sun, fluctuations of density connected with convection, and sunspots, etc. The lens has the unprecedented angular resolution about 1.4×10−11 rad. In focus the increase in intensity for the neutrinos flux from the center of Sirius is about a million times and even larger for more distant objects. This is only two orders of magnitude less than the flux of solar neutrinos on the Earth. Information about the solar interior can also be obtained by such observations. The resulting increase in intensity of the neutrino flux from the Sirius seems to open great possibilities in their detection even at the present virtual level of registration technique.


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