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#Govegan : veganismo, vegetarianismo e dever moral nos enquadramentos da mobilização pelos direitos animais no Brasil

  • Souza, Camila Carbornar de
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2016
Repositório Digital Institucional da UFPR


Abstract: Animal rights groups in Brazil have faced a communication problem: how to establish a debate on animal abolition for the end of the ownership status to which animals are subjected. The abolition culminates in veganism, which happens to be defended from a moral axis - the condition of the animals as beings that feel pain consciously (sentience). 25 are mapped groups with this bias in Brazil, and the concentration is in the south-southeast axis. The object of the research is communication by frameworks of these groups, in public presentation to the mobilization and recognition. The research starts of the theory of political mobilization to get to the problem: how animal rights movement mobilizes its framesworks - strategic activity of communication - to drive the public debate on animal abolition? The main objective of the research is to see how the MDA groups direct interpretively the debate through the frame. The methodology is the frame-alignment analysis. 5 groups were selected according to the criterion of being present in more than one town. The analysis corpus is composed of the sites and the Facebook profiles of the 5 groups, which makes it plain how is the mobilization in these spaces. As search results, could be observed that the debate about the cause has specialized content, that there is internal controversy on how to achieve the abolition, that adjacent to the mobilization for the cause and the pursuit of recognition of animal rights, there is the struggle for recognition of vegans and, finally, the groups do essentially the frame amplification process, spreading the internal dissensus on the animals concerned, with no major changes in the diagnostic frames and prognostic frame. Palavras-chave: Animal rights movement; Political communication; Framework; Recognition.

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