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God intention men bristfällig kunskap - en kvalitativ intervjustudie om socionomers erfarenheter av att arbeta med unga transpersoner

  • Wendt, Isabelle
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Jan 01, 2020
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Wendt, I. Good intention but insufficient knowledge. A qualitative interview study on social workers experiences of meeting young transgender people. Degree project in social work 15 högskolepoäng. Malmö University: Faculty of Health and Society, Department of (name of department), Year.The well-being of transgender youth is worse compared with cisgender youth. Transgender youth are exposed to threats, violence and discrimination. This population partly or fully avoid seeking help and support from social services even when needed. Social workers should provide fair treatment, though there is a lack of knowledge concerning transgender youth and the needs and issues specific to transgender youth. This study aims to research the experience of meeting transgender youth from the perspective of social workers, and how they reckon they’ve been prepared to meet this particular population in their academic education but also at their workplace. This study has a qualitative approach and interviews were conducted with four social workers to collect empirical data. The analysis resulted in five main themes: the possessed knowledge pre-study, ideas and prejudices, difference in transgender youth exposure, professional approach and treatment, lack of education and norm-critical work and language. The result of the study indicates acts of courtesy yet lack of knowledge. There was a presence of prejudices and preconceptions regarding what transgender people are and what it means to live as a transgender youth. The academic education of social workers appear lacking in content regarding gender, sexuality, and identity which are important aspects for understanding the experience of transgender youth as well as the inclusion of transgender youth. Societal norms and structures were perceived to have influenced the apprehension of transgender youth, the societal work and the academic education of social workers. The academic education of social workers lacks in knowledge regarding transgender youth. There is a great need for scientific studies regarding transgender youth to successfully develop the societal work and guarantee a fair treatment.

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