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Geoscientists in the sky: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Geohazard response

  • ANTOINE, Raphaël
  • LOPEZ GONZALEZ, Téodolina
  • TANGUY, Marion
  • LISSAK, Candide
  • GAILLER, Lydie
  • LABAZUY, Philippe
  • FAUCHARD, Cyrille
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2020
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This article presents a review of the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in the context of geohazards. The pluri-disciplinary role of UAVs is outlined in numerous studies associated with mass earth movements, volcanology, flooding events and earthquakes. Scientific advances and innovations of several research teams around the world are presented from pre-events investigations to crisis management. More particularly, we emphasize the actual status of technology, methodologies and different applications that have emerged with the use of UAVs for each domain. It is shown that the deployment of UAVs in the geohazards context has experienced a tremendous increase during the last 10 years, with the development of more and more miniaturized, flexible and reliable systems. The use of such technology (UAV platform, instrumentation, methodologies) is different for each domain, depending on the spatial extent and the time scale of the observed phenomenon, but also on the practical constraints associated with the civil aviation agencies regulations (outside or within urban areas, before or during a crisis...). This paper also highlights the use of recent methodologies associated with semi-automatic/automatic segmentation or deep learning for the processing of important amounts of data provided by UAVs. Finally, although still sparse, the joint use of UAVs and satellite data is progressing and remains a challenge for future studies in the context of geohazards.

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