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Genetically determined heterogeneity of the C1 esterase inhibitor in patients with hereditary angioneurotic edema

  • Fred S. Rosen
  • Chester A. Alper
  • Jack Pensky
  • Martin R. Klemperer
  • Virginia H. Donaldson
Publication Date
Oct 01, 1971
  • Biology
  • Chemistry


Normal human serum contains 18 ±5 mg/100 ml of C1 esterase inhibitor (alpha-2 neuraminoglycoprotein) as estimated by immunochemical means. Of 118 patients with hereditary angioneurotic edema, the sera of 80, from 42 kindred, contained a mean concentration of 3.15 mg/100 ml or 17.5% of normal. The mean serum concentration in 35 patients in 7 other kindred was 20 mg/100 ml or 111% of normal, and 3 patients in another kindred contained over 80 mg/100 ml or greater than 400% of normal. The nonfunctional inhibitors in patients' sera of these eight kindred were identical with normal C1 esterase inhibitor by Ouchterlony analysis, but they were different from normal and from each other with respect to their electrophoretic mobility, their capacity to bind C1 esterase, and their ability to inhibit esterolysis of N-acetyl-tyrosine-ethylester.

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