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A gênese do valor econômico dos serviços de polinização prestados pelas abelhas à indústria de maçãs de Fraiburgo (SC)

  • Silva, Leonardo
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Jan 01, 2016
Repositório Institucional da UFSC
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Abstract : In the light particularly of the New Economic Sociology (NES), this study had the objective to describe and analyze the objective and subjective conditions that made possible the emergence of the economic value of pollination services provided by Apis mellifera to the Fraiburgo apples industry - SC. Positioning itself against the reductionist theory of neoclassical economics that the processing of non-economic goods economic goods is due solely to a change in the relationship between the demand and the existing offer, I sought to draw attention to the importance of the symbolic dimension of the process constitution of the economic value of pollination services. Arguing that the objective existence of a pollination deficit in Fraiburgo could only lead to the emergence of the economic value of pollination by Apis mellifera managed because currently there is a theoretical framework that allows the perception and understanding of this phenomenon, particularly highlighted the role played by prescribers experts as Amnon Erez and Helmuth Wiese. By demonstrating the great apple growers both your need (i.e., the correction of pollination deficit) as the means to satisfy it (i.e., the use of Apis mellifera managed), these prescribers ended up contributing to the establishment of what a priori would only noting, that is, shortage, utility and therefore the economic value of the services performed by pollination Apis mellifera.

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