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Generic agent-based optimization framework to solve combinatorial problems

  • Ajmi, Faiza
  • Zgaya-Biau, Hayfa
  • Othman, Sarah
  • Hammadi, Slim
Publication Date
Oct 11, 2020
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The aim of this paper is to describe our proposed ABOS framework (Agent-Based Optimization Systems) by demonstrating the interest in using the multi-agent approach while operating hybrid metaheuristics to solve Combinatorial Optimization Problems (COP). Two main contributions are highlighted in this work: 1) to show that the alliance of the multi-agent systems (MAS) and the metaheuristics, based on the interaction and the parallelisms concepts, facilitates the hybrid metaheuristics development and allows the simultaneous exploration of different regions of the search space and 2) to demonstrate that the use the multi-agent approach, in the context of optimization, is a crucial option in the process of hybridization allowing the development of generic structures. These later promote the interaction between metaheuristics independent of the problem to be addressed. Our challenge in this ABOS framework is to endow the participant agents, with a set of rational behaviours allowing them to change in real time their strategies, according to the optimization process evolution. The simulation results show that the collaborative optimization can be effective in some cases, hence the need to set effectively the parameters of the optimization algorithms behaviours and the collaborative protocols. We also demonstrate that the use of ABOS framework with MAS allows a more robust and generic structure, capable with minimal changes handling different COP.

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