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General Properties of the n Point Functions in Local Quantum Field Theory

  • Epstein, H.
  • Glaser, V.
  • Stora, R.
Publication Date
Jan 01, 1975
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One of the most satisfactory aspects of relativistic local quantum field theory is the asymptotic theory of Haag and Ruelle: starting from a few simple hypotheses (locality, relativistic invariance, and spectrum, including the explicit exclusion of zero-mass states) the existence of the scattering operator S and of scattering amplitudes is established: these amplitudes can then be expressed through the 'reduction formulae' of L.S.Z. (rigorously proved in the framework of the Haag-Ruelle theory by Hepp for Wightman fields, and by Araki for bounded local observables) as the restrictions to the mass-shell of the Fourier transforms of (amputated) chronological functions. The latter, through the interplay of locality and spectrum, can be shown to be boundary values of certain analytic functions (Green functions), and this is the origin of analyticity properties of the scattering amplitudes. The purpose of these lectures is to set the scene for the study of such analyticity properties by giving a description of the linear properties of chronological functions and of the closely related generalized retarded functions.

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