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Gemini planet imager observational calibrations iii: Empirical measurement methods and applications of high-resolution microlens psfs

  • Patrick, Ingraham
  • Jean-Baptiste, Ruffio
  • Marshall D, Perrin
  • Schuyler G, Wolff
  • Zachary H, Draper
  • Jerome, Maire
  • Franck Marchis
  • Vincent, Fesquet
Publication Date
Jul 13, 2014
SETI Institute


The newly commissioned Gemini Planet Imager (GPI) combines extreme adaptive optics, an advanced coronagraph, precision wavefront control and a lenslet-based integral field spectrograph (IFS) to measure the spectra of young extrasolar giant planets between 0.9-2.5 μm. Each GPI detector image, when in spectral model, consists of~ 37,000 microspectra which are under or critically sampled in the spatial direction. This paper demonstrates how to obtain high-resolution microlens PSFs and discusses their use in ...

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